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Section one
Version 旧
场景 咨询
题型 Completion 10 
内容概述:一个新来的 citizen 到新城市选私人医生的过程,是他和一位工作人员的对话。其中包括对医 生工作时间的要求,本人出生年月日,姓名,以前这位 citizen 所在医疗中心的地址,以及他对医生专业 的要求是 sport injury.
1, Prebstney
2, 18 march
3, 34 Market Road
4, European
5, citizen
6, high user
7, Castle
8, North
9, full time
10,sport injury
本次Section one 以咨询为主,还是属于信息提供类型的题目,比如出现了地名、日期、地点、方位等常见词汇,考生应当适度把握。
Section two
Version 旧
场景 课程指导
题型 选择 5 地图 5
内容回忆: S2 两个实习教师在导师的指导下对孩子授课的安排,这个对话发生在他们三人之间。并说 明了各个活动和课程的目的等
11, B rock climbing
12, B 10.15
13, A certain paths can be used by cycling
14, C campsite is bigger
15, A borrow equipment
16, F
17, A Internet café
18, D
19, H
20, C
Section three
Version 160218
场景 学术讨论
题型 选择 5 配对 5
内容回忆: 2 students want to teach children how to distinguish the creatures in the pond and now asking advice from a teacher
21. what did they get before going? The permission to visit the pond
22. why do they decide not to use a worksheet? Because they do not want to make it structured
23. what’s their purpose to do this? To identify the food chain
24. what advice does the professor give them? The professor suggests them to provide variation to the class
25. During the last lesson, why do they decide to use movie instead of a real animal? It would be more interesting if use animal but movie is easier to control. It’s practical 26-30 They are talking about the course arrangements
26. what do they want the whole class to do? Listen to teachers
27. What do they want the children do in pairs? Do a list
28. what do they want the whole class to do after that? Report ideas
29. individual: to fill some worksheets
30. individual: to ask the children to draw a picture of the animal they learned from this: do a drawing.
Section four
Version 09411
题型  Completion 10
内容回忆: contemporary aboriginal designs 澳洲当代艺术及其艺术家和艺术品
Completion Ernabella Arts
31. rugs made from wool/cotton 
Tiwi Design
32. 设计师擅长于 natural images: bird
33. Design eg:用于求雨 in symbol asking of rain
Bima Wear
34. Based on symbols, structures, family and nature
Desert Designs: Jimmy Pike
35. Jimmy Pike began his life as an design artist start in prison
36. Design can be used in 用于 making clothing
37. 艺术家 Jimmy Pike 的灵感来自于 Australia, especially the desert. Bronwyn Bancroft
38. Cathy Freeman’s jeans 出名因为 lizards and a tailless snake.
39. Fabric’s Background look like a rainbow
40. 最后举例,讲到一堆年轻夫妻 Love 命名为“the couple case”.

科目 雅思口语
考试日期 2016.2.18
hometown, museum, history, countryside, work or study, snacks, teacher, reading books, color, hurry time, house or apartment, stay up late, music concert, handwriting, subject, teamwork, travel, swimming, keep healthy, vegetables and fruits, shoes,
Part 2&3
Part 2 朋友; Part 3 老板和员工交朋友有可能吗?有什么影响?好处不好的影响?体育或文化交流对国与国之间关系的作用?
Part2 beautiful sky ever saw;Part3 star knowledge important to children
Part2一个污染的地方; Part3 污染物都有什么,垃圾比以前多吗?为什么有这么多?
Part2 最想去的国家; Part3 除了旅游还有其他了解国家方式?怎么利用互联网学外语?
Part2重要谈话; Part3 现在人喜欢谈论什么话题等等
Part2 成功的经历; Part3 公司工作的问题
Part2:a best friend; Part3:还是围绕这个问了朋友和家人的问题 还有男女交朋友的区别
Part2 喜欢的电视节目; Part3 人们喜欢什么样的节目,会不会影响家庭关系,在一起吃饭看电视好不好
Part2:说一个对这对社会有用工作的人; Part3: 工作和薪水,读书
Part2 people who made noise Part3 noise in public, wear headset while riding
part 2意义特殊的歌。什么时候唱这首歌,和谁一起唱
Part2walking; Part 3 outdoor activities, leisure time
Part2 喜欢的家庭; Part3 谁领导家庭 可以从grandpa身上学到什么
Describe a country you have never been to but you want to go
You should say
  What the country is
  What attracts you in the country
  why you want to visit the country
and explain what you think of the country
 Well I am planning on studying in London. So let me share with some thoughts about the British culture.
  I’ve heard and read a lot about the Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace… So for sightseeing trips, I guess Britain would be a perfect place because of the gorgeous architecture.
  And… Britain is the birthplace of so many great minds, like Shakespeare, Newton and of course, J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. She is my idol!
  And what else? Practically all of my favorite bands have been British bands, like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and what else? The Rolling Stones,, Coldplay Radiohead and the Stone Roses.. So many musically talented people there!
  Another thing I should emphasize here there are a multitude of world-class universities in the UK, like Oxford, Cambridge and LSE. That’s exactly why I am planning.
  In terms of personality, the British people are probably kind of reserved. But it also depends on which part of the UK they live I guess.
  I don’t really know much about the British food. I heard fish and chips were very popular there. But how it tastes… I have no idea.
  I used to think the cities there were pretty foggy all year round but some British friends told me that was not the case anymore.

科目 阅读
考试日期 2016年2月18日
Passage One
题型:选择 3 配对 5 简答 5
Bovid The family of mammals called bovids belongs to the Artiodactyl class, which also includes giraffes. Bovids are highly diverse group consisting of 137 species, some of which are man's most important domestic animals. Bovids are well represented in most parts of Eurasia and Southeast Asian islands, but they are by far the most numerous and diverse in the latter. Some species of bovid are solitary, but others live in large groups with complex social structures. Although bovids have adapted to a wide range of habitats,from arctic tundra to deep tropical forest, the majority of species favour open grassland, scrub or desert. This diversity of habitat is also matched by great diversity in size and form: at one extreme is the royal antelope of West Africa, which stands a mere 25cm at the shoulder; at the other, the massively built bisons of North America and Europe, growing to a shoulder height of 2.2m. Despite differences in size and appearance, bovids are united by the possession of certain common features. All species are ruminants,which means that they retain undigested food in their stomachs,and regurgitate it as necessary. Bovids are almost exclusively
★herbivorous: plant-eating
★★incisors: front teeth herbivorous'. Typically their teeth are highly modified for browsing and grazing: grass or foliage is cropped with the upper lip and lower incisors (the upper incisors are usually absent), and then ground down by the cheek teeth. As well as having cloven, or split, hooves, the males of all bovid species and the females of most carry horns. Bovid horns have bony cores covered in a sheath of horny material that is constantly renewed from within; they are unbranched and never shed. They vary in shape and size: the relatively simple horns of a large Indian buffalo may measure around 4m from tip to tip along the outer curve,while the various gazelles have homs with a variety of elegant curves. Five groups, or sub-families, may be distinguishedl Bovinae, Antelope, Caprinae, Cephalophinae and Antilocapridae. The sub-family Bovinae comprises most of the larger bovids, including the African bongo, and nilgae, eland, bison and cattle.Unlike most other bovids they are all non-territorial. The ancestors of the various species of domestic cattle banteng, gaur, yak and water buffalo are generally rare and endangered in the wild, while the auroch (the ancestor of the domestic cattle of Europe) is extinct. The term 'antelope' is not a very precise zoological name - it is used to loosely describe a number of bovids that have followed different lines of development. Antelopes are typically long-legged, fast-running species, often with long horns thatmay be laid along the back when the animal is in full flight. There are two main sub-groups of antelope: Hippotraginae, which includes the oryx and the addax, and Antilopinae,which generally contains slighter and more graceful animals such as gazelle and the springbok. Antelopes are mainly grassland species, but many have adapted to flooded grasslands: pukus, waterbucks and lechwes are all good at swimming:eeding in deep water, while lthseuallytft nga has long, splayed hooves that enable it to walk freely on swampy ground. The sub-family Caprinae includes the sheep and the goat,together with various relatives such as the goral and the tahr. Most are woolly or have long hair. Several species, such as wild goats, chamois and ibex, are agile cliff – and mountain-dwellers. Tolerance of extreme conditions is most marked in this group: Barbary and bighorn sheep have adapted to arid deserts,while Rocky Mountain sheep survive high up in mountains and musk oxen in arctic tundra. The duiker of Africa belongs to the Cephalophinae sub-family. It is generally small and solitary, often living in thick forest. Although mainly feeding on grass and leaves, some duikers - unlike most other bovids -are believed to eat insects and feed on dead animal carcasses, and even to kill small animals. The pronghorn is the sole survivor of a New World sub-family of herbivorous ruminants, the Antilocapridae in North America. It is similar in appearance and habits to the Old World antelope. Although greatly reduced in numbers since the arrival of Europeans, and the subsequent enclosure of grasslands,the pronghorn is still found in considerable numbers throughout North America, from Washington State to Mexico. When alarmed by the approach of wolves or other predators, hairs on the pronghorn's rump stand erect, so showing and emphasising the white patch there.At this signal, the whole herd gallops off at speed of over 60 km per hour.
1.D 2.D 3.C 4.C 5.B 6.D 7.A 8.B 9.royal antelope 10.the auroch 11. long,
splayed hooves 12. arid deserts 13.pronghorn

Passage Two
题目:Making images from space
more accessible amateur
题型:段落配 4 人名配 5 填空 3
题目:An alternative approach of farming in Hondur as
题型:配对题 5摘要填空 5 多选题 2
参考文章: 洪都拉斯( Honduras)雨林的新农耕 段落信息配对题 14. why does the previous mode of farming need constantly changing places?——A (村庄周围的土地资源早已枯竭,农民不得不长途跋涉 2-3 小时到山上去工作) 15. the new working mode does not care who the operator is.——F (农业可以让所有家庭成员都参与,并解释了为什么) 16. a kind of material that must be added——F (inexpensive nitrogen, cook fuel) 17. how the new mode of farming (IAC) imitates the process of forest.——D (一个人发明了这种农耕方式,并说明在自然状态下树叶自然掉落在地上以后可以 为土壤增加养分) 18. why farmers have to continue the unattainable farming on the infertile land——B (因为土地稀缺) 19. a description of the cost of using this new approach of planting crops——C (需要分离出一部分土地来中暑,并且要等树长成但不会影响农民的生计) 20-24 摘要填空题 The government and Dr. Hans promoted the approach of shifting agriculture and recycling of fertilizers without too much attention, because it is lack of light so that weeds and grass will not survive. The pruned branches would be put on the ground to form a thick layer of decomposing leaves. The crops would get nutrients from the
holes. This approach poses no risk on farmers’ livelihood. 25-26 多选题 What are the benefits of new approach of farming?
A. More family members are involved B. This technology will increase new species of local plant
C. The same land can be recycled D. The new approach requires more labor than the traditional one
Passage Three
题目:Group Behavior
题型:人物观点配对题 9 摘要填空题 4
文章大意: 人类个人努力以及其在集体工作中获得的成就进行对比。做了一个 experiment, 把人 分成两组, 一组人被告知是自己在做任务, 心情受到影响。 第二组人被告知尽管自己在房间里, 不过被告知是和一个团队在工作, 而且被告知平均化结果了。 结果是第二组人比第一组人有更 好的 performance。
social loafing
social facilitation (答案待补充)

科目 写作
考试日期 2016.2.18
Changes of average monthly salary and prices of black and white TV in Japanese Yen from 1953 to 1973

The line chart gives information about the comparison between the variation of average salary on a monthly basis and price of TV (including color and black and white) during the period from 1953 to 1973.
The figure for monthly salary increased steadily from 30.000 yen to approximately 110,000 yen during the period between 1955 and 1968. After that, it started to climb to the highest point, constituting 180,000 yen in around 1970, which was about six times that of the initial figure.
By contrast, the price of TV showed an upward trend. A moderate decrease can be noticed in the figure for black and white TV from 100,000 yen to nearly 60,000 yen between 1953 and 1963, after which it continued to remain the level until 1970. However, although the price of color TV also experienced a falling tendency, the decline of it was dramatically larger than that of color TV. There was a sharp drop in terms of the price of color TV between 1960 and 1963. It is obvious that the figure started to descend slowly to 1970 (80,000 yen).
Overall, the increase of the price of monthly salary showed an opposite trend to that of TV.                    
Human activity has had a very negative effect on plant and animal species. Some people think it
is too late to do something about the problem, while others believe that effective action can be
taken to improve this situation. Discuss both views and give your own opinion
Environmental problems are too big for individual countries and individual persons to address.
In other words, we have reached the stage where the only way to protect the environment is at
an international level. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
Human activities have negative effects on plant and animal species. Some people think it is too
late to do anything about this problem. Others believe that effective measures can be taken to
improve this situation. Discuss both views and give our opinion.

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