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场景Australian zoo
题型选择 5,地图 5
11-20 Multiple choices
11 New activity in June in Australia zoo
A visitors can see animals at night
B *******
C people usually hold parties there
12 The most popular presentation
A   kangaroo(袋鼠)
B koala(考拉)
c  sheep dog(牧羊犬)
13 How is Kangaroo feeding?
A  feed a lot of food as many kangaroos
B   touch baby kangaroo
C stand up straight (to see kangaroo well)
14  Why the wild dog was closed?
A enclosure have been repaired it was broken(生词如enclosure需要注意,留心同意替换)
B wild dogs are unwell
C dogs haven't arrived
A gift photo shop(说去年在**got discount, 但今年能在photo shop得到)
16-20 map matching
16 Arena —
原文 turn left at the entrance across bridge then turn right to the end turn left
17 Educational .place
原文 The left corner above 18 Picnic spot
原文 Back is the river, On the left 19 Photo shop The right side
20 Gift shop in Centre. Beside the arena
解析:本文题材偏向旅游类,主要讲述动物园的内容,地图题也是常见考察,在今年考察频率大幅度提升。此外,生僻词如sheep dog需要考生在考场上随机应变。题型方面,选择题难度不大,但是地图题较复杂,需要考生听清方位词,并且在答题前事先了解划出试卷上的定位点。
题型配对题 4, 填空题 3,选择题 3
Need more examples
B.Too long
C.Fully prepared
D.Use existing overview version
E.Not relevant
Assignment introduction -- C. Fully prepared
Body structure -- D. Use existing overview version
Methods technology -- B. Too long
Conclusion -- A. Need more examples
25.Woman wants to set a listening task for presentation.
26.Man: speakers can be divided to discuss as a group.
27.Practice taking notes.
What should be put emphasis on presentation’s conclusion?
28. A. User friendliness or E. Improve computer skills
29. C. chat room
30.F. Global access
解析:场景是常见的校园教学类场景,题型方面,题型设置较多,配对题需要认真对待,可能会存在生词,如overview, version, relevant, assignment等;填空题难度不高,考察基本词汇的掌握程度。多选题需要考生掌握一定词汇量并懂得快速同意替换,如friendliness, global access等。总体存在一定难度。

科目 雅思口语
考试日期 2016.3.5
hometown, museum, history, countryside, work or study, snacks, teacher, reading books, color, hurry time, house or apartment, stay up late, music concert, handwriting, subject, teamwork, travel, swimming, keep healthy, vegetables and fruits, shoes,
Part 2&3
part2一篇从报纸杂志看到的文章; part3一堆关于杂志的问题。什么类型的杂志,什么时候看,什么人看。对青少年有什么影响
part2 儿时趣事; part3 小孩儿通常会记得怎样的事 年轻人不喜欢传统艺术是为什么
part2 在报纸杂志上看到的一篇文章;part3问一些关于报纸杂志的问题
part2 电影 part3 你觉得什么电影在中国很流行? 你觉得动作片在中国流行吗? 你觉得儿童应该看什么类型的电影? 你小时候看的电影跟现在的电影有什么不一样呢? 你觉得儿童的电影只有卡通的形式表现吗?
Describe a new skill you want to learn
You should say
  What it is
  Why you want to learn it
  How you will learn it
and explain whether it is helpful to you
    I'd like to describe a skill I want to learn, which is to edit songs on computer by useing the software, called cool edit.
    I love singing, so a skill to edit songs is very practical and important for me. I first heard about it when I was eleven years old. When I was surfing the Internet, a net friend told me about the software. I began to learn how to use at once by watching many online classes about it . Soon I can record my voice on the computer and after a lot of practice, I can edit many audio files perfectly. For example, I sang a song named "take me away", after being edited, it sounds just like the original singer's singing. It is amazing, because I can even change a girl's voice into a boy's voice.
    I like to play with it in my spare time, so my skill has improved a lot. When I told my friends about it, all of them were really impressed.

科目 阅读
考试日期 2016年3月5日
Passage One
题型:判断 7 简答 6
答案: 1-6 题 T/F/NG
文章大意: 过度广告会造成消费者对广告无感 有时还有副作用
答案: (文章和答案仅供参考)
Passage Two
题型:段落标题配对 5 人名理论配对 5 填空 3
文章大意: 主要讲到把机器人放在学校可以辅助老师还有陪学生玩 还可以让它拥有表情促进交流 但是过度使用可能会造成伦理问题 有几个科学家和他们观点。
14-18 段落标题配对 14. D 15. F 16. B 17. A 18. C
19-23 人名理论配对 19. B 20. C 21. A 22. D 23. A
24-26 填空题 24. human 25. a peer 26. affection (待补充)
Passage Three
题目:复活岛之谜 Mystery in Easter Island
题型:段落标题配对 4 判断题 5 多选题 5
A One of the world’s most famous yet least visited archaeological sites, Easter Island is a small hilly, now treeless island of volcanic origin. Located in the Pacific Ocean at 27 degrees south of the equator and some 2200 miles (3600 kilometers)off the coast of Chile, it is considered to be the world’s most remote inhabited island. The island is, technically speaking, a single massive volcano rising over ten thousand feet from the Pacific Ocean floor. The island received its most well-known current name, Easter Island, from the Dutch sea captain Jacob Roggeveen who became the first European to visit Easter Sunday, April 5, 1722.
B In the early 1950s, the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl popularized the idea that the island had been originally settled by advanced societies of Indians from the coast of South America. Extensive archaeological,ethnographic and linguistic research has conclusively shown this hypothesis to be inaccurate. It is now recognized that the original inhabitants of Easter Island are of Polynesian stock (DNA extracts from skeletons have confirmed this,that they
most probably came from the Marquesas or Society islands, and that they arrived as early as 318 AD (carbon dating of reeds from a grave confirms this). At the time of their arrival, much of the island was forested, was teeming with land
birds, and was perhaps the most productive breeding site for seabirds in the Polynesia region. Because of the plentiful bird, fish and plant food sources, the human population grew and gave rise to a rich religious and artistic culture.

C That culture’s most famous features are its enormous stone statues called moai, at least 288 of which once stood upon massive stone platforms called ahu. There are some 250 of these ahu platforms spaced approximately one half mile
apart and creating an almost unbroken line around the perimeter of the island. Another 600 moai statues, in various stages of completion, are scattered around the island, either in quarries or along ancient roads between the quarries and the coastal areas where the statues were most often erected. Nearly all the moai are carved from the tough stone of the Rano Raraku volcano. The average statue is 14 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 14 tons. Some moai were as large as 33 feet and weighed more than 80 tons. Depending upon the size of the statues, it has been estimated that between 50 and 150 people were needed to drag them across the countryside on sleds and rollers made from the island’s trees.

D Scholars are unable to definitively explain the function and use of the moai statues. It is assumed that their carving and erection derived from an idea rooted in similar practices found elsewhere in Polynesia but which evolved in a unique way on Easter Island. Archaeological and iconographic analysis indicates that the statue cult was based on an ideology of male, lineage-based authority incorporating anthropomorphic symbolism. The statues were thus symbols of
authority and power, both religious and political. But they were not only symbols. To the people who erected and used them, they were actual repositories of sacred spirit. Carved stone and wooden objects in ancient Polynesian religions, when properly fashioned and ritually prepared, were believed to be charged by a magical spiritual essence called mana. The ahu platforms of Easter Island were the sanctuaries of the people, and the moai statues were the ritually charged sacred objects of those sanctuaries.

E Besides its more well-known name, Easter Island is also known as Te-Pito-O-Te-Henua, meaning "The Navel of the World’ , and as Mata-Ki-Te-Rani, meaning ‘ Eyes Looking at Heaven’. These ancient name and a host of mythological
details ignored by mainstream archaeologists, point to the possibility that the remote island may once have been a geodetic marker and the site of an astronomical observatory of a long forgotten civilization. In his book, Heaven’s Mirror, Graham Hancock suggests that Easter Island may once have been a significant scientific outpost of this antediluvian (太古时代的) civilization and that its location had extreme importance in a planet-spanning, mathematically precise grid of sacred sites.Two other alternative scholars, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, have extensively studied the location and possible function of these geodetic markers. In their fascinating book, Uriel’s Machine, they suggest that one purpose of the geodetic markers was as part of global network of sophisticated astronomical observatories dedicated to predicting and preparing for future commentary impacts and crystal displacement cataclysms.

F In the latter years of the 20th century and the first years of the 21st century various writers and scientists have advanced theories regarding the rapid decline of Easter Island’s magnificent civilization around the time of the first European contact. Principal among these theories, and now shown to be inaccurate, is that postulated by Jared Diamond in his book Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive. Basically these theories state that a few centuries after Easter Island’s initial colonization the resource needs of the growing population had begun to outpace the island’s capacity to renew itself ecologically. By the 1400s the forests had been entirely cut, the rich ground cover had eroded away, the springs had dried up, and the vast flocks of birds coming to roost on the island had disappeared. With no logs to build canoes for offshore fishing, with depleted bird and wildlife food sources, and with declining crop yields because of the erosion of good soil, the nutritional intake of the people plummeted. First famine, then cannibalism (食人行为), set in.
Because the island could no longer feed the chiefs, bureaucrats and priests who kept the complex society running, the resulting chaos triggered a social and cultural collapse. By 1700 the population dropped to between one-quarter and
one-tenth of its former number, and many of the statues were toppled during supposed "clan wars’" of the 1600 and 1700s.
You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 27 - 40 which are based on Reading Passage 3 below.
The reading passage has seven paragraphs, A-G
Choose the correct heading for paragraphs A-G from the list below.
Write the correct number, i-xi, in boxes 27-31 on your answer sheet.
NB There are more headings than paragraphs
List of Headings
i The famous moai
ii The status represented symbols of combined purposes
iii The ancient spots which indicates scientific application
iv The story of the name
v Early immigrants, rise and prosperity
vi The geology of Easter Island
vii The begin of Thor Heyerdahl’s discovery
viii The countering explaination to the misconceptions politaically manipulated
ix Symbols of authority and power
x The Navel of the World
xi The norweigian Invaders’ legacy
Questions 27-31
Example Answer
Paragraph A iv
27 Paragraph B
Paragraph C i
28 Paragraph D
29 Paragraph E
30 Paragraph G
Questions 31-36
Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 3?In boxes 31 -36on your answer
sheet write
TRUE if the statement is true
FALSE if the statement is false
NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage
31 The first inhabitants of Easter Island are Polynesian, from the Marquesas or Society islands.
32 Construction of some moai statues on the island was not finished.
33 The Moai can be found not only on Easter Island but also elsewhere in Polynesia.
34 Most archeologists recognised the religious and astronomical functions for an ancient society
35 The structures on Easter Island work as an astronomical outpost for extraterrestrial visitors.
36 the theory that depleted natural resources leading to the fail of Easter Island actual has a distorted perspective
Questions 37-40
Complete the following summary of the paragraphs of Reading Passage, using NO MORE THAN THREE
WORDS from the Reading Passage for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 37-40 on your answer sheet.
Many theories speculated that Easter Island’s fall around the era of the initial European contact. Some say the resources are depleted by a 37_______ (weibo.com/ielts9) The erroneous theories began with a root of the 38______
advanced by some scholars. Early writers did not have adequate 39______ understandings to comprehend the true nature of events on the island. The social devastation was in fact a direct result of 40______ of the first European settlers.

科目 写作
考试日期 2016.3.5
The graph shows the size of the Ozone layer hole in Antarctic and three products of damaged gases to the Antarctic Ozone from 1980 to 2000. 
We can get knowledge from news. But some people even think we should not trust the journalists. What do you think? And what do you think are the important qualities that a journalist should have?
题材类别  媒体
Anyone can post information on the Internet. Some people say most of what we read on the internet is inaccurate. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Nowadays, we are surrounded by a large amount of news. However, due to its unreliability, people have been increasingly losing the trust on reporters. Thus, I will analyze the phenomenon in this essay.
Frankly speaking, some journalists still deserve to be trusted by public. It is undeniable that most journalists still persist on their professional ethics, which could be witnessed in many real news coverage.For instance, some reports regarding social events enact a significant remainder for citizens in case they would suffer from great harms. However, we should not deny that some journalists may recover some fake news where journalists would involve subjective opinions into the coverage. Reporters tend to exaggerate the fact, aiming to attract the general public’s attention.  It is possible that they face many temptations and pursue personal interests or are subjected to pressure from governments.
Therefore, a fully-qualified journalist should at least have the following two qualities. First of all, they should be impartial, which is the main responsibility they should assume. They are vanguards to guide right thoughts to public. Therefore, their behaviors and words exert a critical effect on social stability to a large extent. Besides, they should be equipped with braveness, which particularly should be noted in some special occasions. For instance, some journalists will be likely to interview in some areas occurring natural disasters and wars. This requires them to own enough courage to confront those situations.
In conclusion, journalists should be armed with various professional skills and most importantly, the basic sense of professional ethics (e.g. justice ) and courage should be indispensable for them.

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