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Section 1
新旧 10160
场景 住宿
题型 填空10
1. Address: 71, Kviua
2. two weeks in March
3. nationalities: New Zealand and Canadian
4. far away from village and beach
5. need a restaurant in the room
6. maximum price:$120 per night
7. elderly parents-in-law’s want accommodationwith a good sea view
8. do not mind using the shared bathroom
9. children like watching birds
10. special requirement of the helicopter trip
Section 2
新旧 13125
场景 火车站介绍
题型 选择5, 地图5
11. left-in luggage locker-F
12. bike racks-B
13. chemist’s-D
14. the newsagent-H
15. rest room-C
16. C. library
17. A.special local food
18. C.collage
19. B.theatre
20. C.a politician
新旧 10301
场景 Alex工厂实习的评价反馈
题型 选择8, 填空2
21. hotel accommodation booking-D
22. tour on company premises-B
23. leisure activities-C
24. ordering food is outsourced-B
25. airport transfer-D
26. information technology problem-A
27. A. intelligent
28. C. good proposal of recommendation
29. plan phone calls
30. be more decisive
Section 4
新旧 50233
场景 化石的保护
题型 填空10
31. the preserved remains of fossil parts
32. trace fossil size and form
33. fossil is buried immediately
34. mineral soil fill inside fossil
35. you can see some fossils in the shops or exhibitions
36. but big fossil is very expensive
37. tape measure
38. Type of rock
39. Such as taking photos
40. Locate soft sediment

科目 雅思口语
考试日期 2016.6.18
hometown, museum, history, countryside, work or study, snacks, teacher, reading books, color, hurry time, house or apartment, stay up late, music concert, handwriting, subject, teamwork, travel, swimming, keep healthy, vegetables and fruits, shoes,
Part 2&3
part2 a positive personality; part3 一个成功的人应该有怎样的品质,你喜欢和性格相向的人交朋友吗,你觉得成功的人快乐吗
part2 describe an interesting public place; part3 大人小孩都喜欢去哪些public place, public area的作用是什么,outdoor activity 之类
part2描述你的一张照片; part3 也是说照片,为什么人们喜欢拍照?在你们国家,哪类人群喜欢拍照?有些人喜欢拍照却没去注意当时的风景了,你的看法呢?
part2 a person you spend lots time with; part3 一个人学习还是一群人学习,现在很多人花时间和朋友一起吗,电脑和手机影响人们生活吗
Describe a character or personality of yours.
You should say:
What it is
How it affects your life
Where you get it from
and how you feel about it
Thank you very much for the topic. It’s kind of tough to talk about someone’s own personal characteristics as I believe, the way we judge ourselves differs from the perspective other people judge us. Nonetheless, we all have our own idea about our own characteristics and I would like to talk about my ability to stay calm even in the time of distress.
I am not hot tempered and I try to remain clam no matter how severe the situation and I find it as a helpful characteristics. From my own experience I can say that, whenever I got very much vibrated and acted very promptly without giving much consideration about the situation, I did not take the right decision and I repentance for that.
In my opinion that should be a common characteristics among other people but my personal experiences sometimes contradicts my opinion as I often find people who can’t remain calm in adverse situation and act very weirdly. So to say, this is not a rare quality but many people lack it.
Remaining calm and using brain rather than the tongue is a helpful characteristic as it would help you take the right decision and would show you the right way and course of actions. Being very fragile in action and taking prompt decision without thinking can sometimes lead us to misunderstanding and can ruin relationship. Not being able to remain calm also shows your weakness and that often allure you to take a completely wrong decision.
To me this is a very important characteristic. This quality has saved me from making many mistakes and saved me from lamenting later on. Being able to remain calm in an adverse situation helps me take the right decision and that’s something which I find very helpful in my personal and professional life.

科目 阅读
考试日期 2016年6月18日

本次考试出现了人物传记类文章,该类文章一般按照时间顺序叙述,这可以作为定位的一个考虑方面,文章参照剑九test4 P87the life and work of marie curie 剑九P17 willam henry perkin。这次考试出现了两部分的简答题,该类题型做题时候注意特殊疑问词的提示作用,题目参考What do whales feel (C4T1P2) 。还有较少出现的多选题,做题可以参考C5T1P1 Johnson’s dictionary。

科目 写作
考试日期 2016.6.18
A 类小作文
UK在1995年,2005年和预测2015年age group 的人口数量变化对比

A 类大作文
It is the responsibility of schools to teach students good behavior in addition to providing formal education. To what extent do you agree or disagree
题型类别: 同意与否类
题材类别: 教育类
There is a long-term controversial issue about whether it is one of the primary targets to offer moral education except its traditional teaching programming. Some people contend that schools are obligated to do it, and I second this standpoint.
It is worth admitting that educating institutes should give priority to formal education. By that I mean students are more likely to become useful members for the community on the condition that they are taught academic subjects, through which they can get access to or even have a good command of knowledge and skills. And qualifications that they obtain after academic learning enable them to be recognized as qualified graduates, which in turn will provide them with decent jobs and lives. However, this is not all that covers what schools are supposed to supply to their children.
Moral instruction is also deemed as the indispensable section in schooling because well-educated people are expected to behave well and have high ethical standard. To be specifically, children should learn to be eligible citizens both morally and academically. Especially those spoilt are in great need to be aware of how to integrate into the community and to show consideration to others. Only when they are cultivated with related concepts of virtue can they get a clear perspective of who they are and what they can do to contribute to their living society. In addition, the youngsters are less likely to go astray or to endanger their fellows if basic codes of conduct are rooted in their mind and they know how to distinguish right from wrong.
In summary, although educating department attaches great significance to academic achievements, education of virtue should not be ignored, considering the benefits it brings to the adolescents themselves and the community.

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